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This is Value.
New house, new neighborhood, new job in a new city. The last thing you need is a new financial twist on your relocation. Bekins Van Lines is the only van line that offers you the “No Excuse Price” (NEP) guaranteed relocation plan. It’s designed to ensure the price of your move won’t change even if the situation at your new destination does.

On many moves, your Bekins relocation professional can offer you our guaranteed “No Excuse Price”. That means you’ll never have to worry about unforeseen expenses – like a shuttle truck at your destination or extra labor if it takes longer than expected to unload your shipment.

But not all moves are equal. Bekins Van Lines has several pricing options to suit your relocation needs.


Actual weight The price of your move will be determined by the weight of the items in your shipment and the services you select as part of your relocation package. Your Bekins relocation professional will provide you with the most accurate estimate possible – so it’s important to ensure they see and note everything that will be moved as part of your shipment.

Not-to-exceed – A maximum cost which cannot be exceeded and is based on the estimated items to be moved. If the actual weight of your shipment is less than the estimated cost, you will be eligible to receive the difference in costs, as long as the characteristics of the shipment don’t change and the services requested remain the same.


No Excuse Price – A truly guaranteed price, which cannot change unless you change the items included on the original estimate. It’s a small price to pay to ensure your fixed budget remains fixed. It makes it easier to plan around your relocation and avoid any unwelcome surprises.

Regardless of which estimate you and your Bekins relocation professional determine is best for you, the estimate will include the transportation cost plus any additional services you might need. If you’d like an estimate on packing, crating for a special item or even storage – either at origin or in your new town – your Bekins representative will provide those costs as part of the estimate.

Payment Plans

You’ll also need to decide the best way to pay for your move. Bekins understands you’re working within a budget. Your Bekins representative will review the payment options offered by the van line. You can choose to pre-pay for your relocation, use a credit card, cash or pay with certified funds at the time of delivery. There are no deposits required.

With Bekins Van Lines, moving is all about flexibility, and certainty. This is moving.


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